How U.S. Companies Hire Foreign Talent Through the H-2B Program

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Companies often require a diverse and skilled workforce to fill labor shortages, maintain productivity and drive economic growth. Yet, when companies cannot find access to the right talent in their local markets, they are driven to seek alternative options. One of many potential options for companies is the H-2B visa program.  

Intended for foreign nationals filling temporary non-agricultural jobs, the H-2B visa is a valuable pathway that many different sectors leverage to fill labor shortages. Like the H-1B visa, the H-2B program allows companies to hire talent to fill specific labor needs and is subject to a visa lottery that occurs twice a year.  

Due to the seasonal nature of this work visa program, HR professionals often find themselves wearing multiple hats as they work to manage a traditional HR strategy and develop a plan for their incoming international workforce. In other instances, companies may not have a traditional HR department and require additional guidance navigating the immigration process. 

As such, it’s vital that you partner with the right provider who can help in navigating the time-sensitive application process and ensure that your company can hire the right talent whenever needed.

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Thousands of immigration and mobility professionals rely on Envoy Global to strengthen their knowledge and guide their immigration programs.

 H-2B Visa Jobs: Overcoming Common Industry Challenges

The H-2B visa program serves as a valuable resource for companies in the U.S. grappling with seasonal labor shortages. With Envoy Global’s support, companies can streamline their H-2B visa application timeline, reduce administrative burdens, ensure compliance and maintain a reliable and skilled workforce. Several industries that frequently rely on the H-2B program include the following:  

Hospitality and Tourism 

The hospitality and tourism industry experiences peak seasons throughout the year, leading to a need for workers in areas such as accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. Leveraging the H-2B visa program allows these companies to access new talent to fill any labor shortages in roles such as housekeeping staff, kitchen and waiters and kitchen staff.  

For HR professionals who may already be overloaded with traditional people management functions, navigating all the steps involved in the H-2B application process can be overwhelming, especially during seasonal peaks. That’s where Envoy’s service teams come in. Our dedicated teams help employers strategize their immigration program and forecast for peak seasons well in advance of busy seasons.

At the same time, Envoy’s tech provides you and your employees with a centralized communication center.  

The Envoy Platform’s Communication Center improves an employee’s experience as all foreign nationals have direct and secure access to their immigration counsel, eliminating the need for HR to act as the middleman between attorneys and employees. 

The Comm Center also connects HR users with a team of professionals that bring an additional set of skills to your team. In turn, providing your organization with additional support when it comes to managing your immigration strategy and preparing for incoming foreign talent.  

Graphic showing six boxes with common industries that utilize the H-1B visa category.
Intended for foreign nationals filling temporary non-agricultural jobs, the H-2B visa is a valuable pathway that many different sectors leverage to fill labor shortages.

Landscaping and Construction 

The landscaping and construction sectors often encounter seasonal fluctuations, requiring additional labor for tasks such as lawn maintenance, landscaping projects and home construction. However, seasonal fluctuations can lead to an overloaded HR department, as the team becomes responsible for handling inquiries from foreign nationals throughout the application process.  

Envoy’s service teams are there to alleviate seasonal pressure by helping to address any non-legal questions raised by employees throughout the application process. This includes providing timely case updates, coordinating with attorneys and assisting with dependent documents.  

Moreover, our platform securely stores documentation needed throughout the application process, so HR departments are well-prepared and organized during busy seasons.  

Event Management, Ski Resorts and Seasonal Recreation 

Event management companies organize a wide range of activities, including conferences, trade shows and festivals. These events often require companies to hire additional staff all at once. Yet, it can be a challenge to plan ahead without access to reliable information on past data and trends tailored to your specific company’s needs.   

Envoy’s support team and platform provide employers with new insights and personalized information – whether creating a custom report, forecasting future budgets or strategizing for the next H-2B cap season.  

The platform can also securely integrate with popular HR management software like Workday, ADP, PeopleSoft Oracle HCM and more. In turn, data will seamlessly exchange between Envoy’s platform and your other HR management tools.  

The Envoy Platform also sends timely updates to both employers and their employees. These important notifications include updates on the initial filing date to information on any visa expiration. 

The H-2B Application Process: Key Takeaways  

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HR professionals play an integral part in a company’s talent acquisition team and often find themselves wearing multiple hats as they work to manage a traditional HR strategy and develop a plan for their incoming international workforce.


At many companies, HR professionals not only oversee traditional human resource functions but also help employees navigate the visa application process. These added responsibilities include staying updated on policy changes, maintaining documentation for audits and internal review, communicating effectively with future employees and strategically managing labor needs in alignment with the time-sensitive H-2B timeline.  

In this demanding landscape, partnering with the right immigration service provider can help to alleviate some of the burdens placed on HR professionals and industries dependent on foreign labor. With Envoy Global’s support, companies gain tools and team members that can effectively manage and simplify the H-2B application process, reduce administrative burdens, ensure compliance and more.  

By helping to manage and prepare for any potential stressors in the immigration process, Envoy allows HR professionals to focus on their core responsibilities while overseeing a smooth and efficient immigration program.  


Content in this publication is for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied on as such. For additional information on the issues discussed, consult an attorney at one of the two U.S. Law Firms working with the Envoy Platform or another qualified professional. On non-U.S. immigration issues, consult an Envoy global immigration service provider or another qualified representative.