United Kingdom/New Zealand: Modifications to the Youth Mobility and Working Holiday Schemes

Key Points  

  • The United Kingdom and New Zealand will introduce changes to the Youth Mobility and Working Holiday schemes at the end of June 2023  


The government of the United Kingdom (UK) and the government of New Zealand will expand the age range from 30 to 35 for applicants under the Youth Mobility and working Holiday schemes beginning 29 June 2023. The UK and New Zealand also agreed to expand the program’s maximum period of stay to three years.  

The annual cap for UK Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) visas in New Zealand will be reinstated and set at 15,000 per year.  

Eligible Youth Mobility and Working Holiday visa holders can extend their stay for up to three years under the new scheme. British nationals staying in New Zealand for over 12 months must provide health certificates, and those staying for over 24 months must provide health and police certificates. 

What are the Changes?  

Starting from 29 June 2023, the Youth Mobility and Working Holiday schemes of the UK and New Zealand will extend the age limit for applicants from 30 to 35 years old. Additionally, the maximum duration of stay under the program will be increased to three years. Furthermore, the UK and New Zealand have mutually agreed to revive the annual cap for UK Working Holiday Scheme visas, which will now be set at 15,000 per year, surpassing the typical number of visas issued. 

Looking Ahead 

Continue to check the government of the UK’s website, the government of New Zealand’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information. 

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