UK: Home Office to Begin Requesting Paychecks from Sponsored Workers

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points

  • The request requires employers to show proof of the last three months of pay slips from their organization. Employers must send digital copies via email with a 7-day deadline from when the request was sent.  
  • If requested, sponsored workers must demonstrate to the Home Office that they can offer genuine employment. This can be demonstrated through their skills and salary requirements that supported their application for sponsorship.  
  • The Home Office is allowed to check up on any sponsored workers at any time. Sponsored workers and employers should be aware of the obligations to ensure their ongoing compliance. The Home Office checks up on the sponsored worker to make sure they are making at least the amount stated that their salary is. Any decrease to a sponsored worker’s salary must be reported to the Sponsorship Management System within 10 days of the change.  
  • Employers and sponsored workers should keep accurate records of salary.  


The Sponsor Assurance Team and Investigation Team are getting in touch with skilled foreigners and employers of skilled foreign workers to request pay slips. This is required to show proof of salary for sponsored workers.  

What are the Changes?

The UK Home Office has begun requesting the proof of employment from employers for any sponsored foreign nationals. The compliance check is another way that the UK Home Office is aiming to ‘modernise, improve and broaden’ their business immigration processes.  

Looking Ahead 

Sponsoring employers and employees should keep all pay records on hand in the case of the compliance check.  


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