UAE Announces New Six-Month Visa to Help Finalize Golden Residency Procedures

Last Updated on February 23, 2023


The UAE Federal Authority recently launched a six-month visa aimed to assist applicants in completing the required formalities of obtaining a Golden Residency visa. The six-month visa can be extended upon request for a similar period, allows multiple entries during its validity, but is only to be used to facilitate the completion of steps toward attaining a Golden Residency in the UAE. 

Key Points

  • The UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has launched a six-month visa to assist applicants who are on track towards obtaining a Golden Residency visa.
  • The new six-month visa is available now and eligible foreign nationals can begin applying immediately.
  • The six-month visa allows multiple entries and can be extended for a similar period of time if visa holders require more time to obtain their Golden Residency visa.
  • Only persons who are eligible for and in the process of obtaining Golden Residency can apply for this visa, including:
    • Investors
    • Entrepreneurs and Inventors 
    • Foreign nationals with specialized talents (doctors and scientists)
    • Creative specialists in culture and art
    • Professional athletes
    • Ph.D. holders and outstanding students in the fields of engineering and science
  • The cost for the six-month visa is 1,150 Dirham (approximately $315 USD). 

What Are the Changes? 

The six-month visa is a new initiative to further assist foreign nationals currently working toward earning Golden Residency in the UAE. This visa will allow foreign nationals multiple entries and can be extended for an additional six months if needed while they continue undergoing the Golden Residency visa application. The intention of this visa is to make it easier for foreign nationals to visit the UAE as necessary and finalize the procedures and formalities in obtaining Golden Residency.  

Looking Ahead 

Foreign nationals who are undergoing the Golden Residency visa process should consider looking into this six-month visa as it will allow applicants more time to visit the UAE and better facilitate the required steps and procedures in achieving long-term residency. 

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