The United Kingdom: eVisa Accounts for Biometric Residence Permit Holders

Key Points 

  • The United Kingdom began emailing biometric residence permit holders to initiate the process for creating an eVisa account  

eVisa Measures for Biometric Residence Permit Holders  

The government of the United Kingdom (UK) is advancing its border modernization and digital immigration system plan by introducing eVisas for most visa holders in the UK by 2025.  

As of 17 April 2024, the government emailed biometric residence permit (BRP) holders to create UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) accounts to access their eVisa, which will serve as digital proof of their immigration status. Existing eVisa holders do not need to take action but should update their UKVI account with any personal changes. Physical immigration documents will be phased out by 2025.  

According to the government, the transition to eVisas aims to enhance security, reduce fraud and document loss and streamline border processes.  

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of the UK’s website and Envoy Global’s website for the latest updates and information.


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