The United Arab Emirates: New Emiratization Requirements for 2023

Key Points   

  • The United Arab Emirates introduced new Emiratization requirements that will go into effect in January 2023 for businesses in 14 different economic sectors  


The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will introduce new Emiratization requirements for businesses in 14 different sectors with 20 to 49 employees beginning 1 January 2024. Some of these industries include the following: 

  • Administrative and support services. 
  • Construction. 
  • Education. 
  • Financial and insurance activities. 
  • Formation and communications. 
  • Healthcare and social work.
  • Hospitality and residency services.
  • Mining and quarrying.
  • Professional and technical activities. 

In addition to these changes, the government will increase fines to 96,000 AED in 2024 for companies that fail to hire one national of the UAE under the country’s Emiratization requirements. The fine fee will then increase to 108,000 AED for employers not employing at least two UAE nationals in 2025.  

What are the Changes?  

The government of the UAE introduced new Emiratization target numbers and fee prices that will go into effect beginning 1 January 2024.  

Looking Ahead 

Continue to check the government of the UAE’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information.

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