Sweden: Swedes no Longer Advised to Avoid Global Travel

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points

  • The Swedish government will lift pandemic-related advice against worldwide non-essential travel on Oct. 1, 2021, for Swedish residents 


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that, beginning Oct. 1, 2021, it will lift advice against travel to all countries. This will allow for easier travel for Swedish citizens. The government advises its citizens to be aware of travel restrictions that remain in place for countries that they may enter when travelling.  

What are the Changes?  

On March 14, 2020, the Swedish government had advised that Swedes avoid non-essential travel to all countries in the world in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. This new change will allow Swedish citizens and residents to take part in non-essential travel once more, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will allow for individuals to travel without the possibility of insurance issues, which was previously an issue for those who went against the recommendation of the Swedish government.  

Looking Ahead 

The Ministry is prepared to reintroduce pandemic-related advice if the situation deteriorates significantly. Continue to check the Swedish government’s website for future updates and Envoy’s website for further information.  


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