Sweden: Dependent Sponsorship Requirements Updated

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points 

  • Foreign nationals seeking to sponsor dependents in Sweden must show proof of income to support both themselves and the dependent 
  • Housing must be large enough for the primary applicant to reside with all dependents
  • The current 2021 monthly income requirements are:  
    • Single adults: 5,016 SEK 
    • Spouses or partners that live together: 8,287 SEK 
    • Children 6 and under: 2,662 SEK 
    • Children 7 and above: 3,064 SEK 


The Swedish Migration Authority announced that new financial requirements must be met to sponsor dependents in the country.   

What are the Changes?

Income requirements for employees seeking to sponsor dependents for a residence permit. These changes do not impact anyone who already holds a permit. 

Looking Ahead

Employers should consider the income requirements for employees seeking to bring dependent family members to Sweden.  


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