State Department to Launch Domestic Visa Renewal Program

Last Updated on February 26, 2023

The U.S. State Department announced plans to launch a pilot program later in 2023 that will allow some temporary visa holders, including H-1B specialty occupation workers, to renew their visas from the U.S. rather than having to travel to their home countries to renew at U.S. Consulates abroad.   


While the State Department had a stateside visa renewal program in the past, the program was discontinued in 2004.  

The State Department has opted to restore the program, which will have the benefit of reducing the visa backlogs at U.S. consular offices abroad. . In addition, once implemented, the pilot program will greatly benefit H-1B and L-1 workers, as it will allow them to renew their visas within the United States instead of having to travel overseas to renew at a U.S. consulate.  While the pilot program is designed to help people who are renewing their visas, it will also help first-time applicants by reducing appointment wait times at U.S. consular offices. 

Looking Ahead  

Initially, the program will be offered to those who hold L and H visas. The program may be expanded to more visa categories in the future. The State Department has not yet provided details on when the program will start, the number of visas they will be able to accommodate through the pilot program, or any limitations on eligibility for the pilot program, but we will provide more information when it is available.  


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