Quebec to Implement AI, IT, VFX-Focused Permanent Residence Program

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points

  • Beginning April 22, 2021, Quebec will open a pilot permanent residence program for foreign workers employed in the fields of Visual Effects Technology (VFX), Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Information Technology (IT)
  • Impacted foreign workers must be currently employed in Quebec or possess a valid job offer for Quebec-based employment
  • The program will have two pathways: one for French-speakers, and one for non-French speakers
  • “French-learning” applicants must submit evidence of intended French-language training
  • The application window is from April 22, 2021 until October 31, 2021, and it is anticipated that spots to fill quickly
  • The pilot program window is April 22, 2021 until January 1, 2026. This year, Quebec will accept 600 foreign workers across all three technical sectors. Between 2022 and 2026, Quebec will accept 550 foreign workers annually


Quebec Province will initiate a permanent residence pilot program for foreign workers across Visual Effects Technology (VFX), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT) sectors. Applications will be accepted between April 22, 2021 and October 31, 2021, and the pilot program will run until January 1, 2026.

What are the Changes?

This pilot program is designed to offer permanent residence specifically to high-demand business and technology workers. Later this spring, Quebec will initiate pilot programs for nursing aides, orderlies and food processing workers.

  • Outbound-to-Canada (Quebec) employees in AI, IT, or VFX can consider applying to this program immediately.
  • Outbound-to-Canada (Quebec) employees in food processing and nursing aide sectors can consider applying to this program later this month.

The Quebec government, and Canada as a whole, are assessing increased need for global talent in these industry sectors. Focusing on permanent residence pathways signals governmental interest in long-term retention versus short-term employment. Similar programs may be developed in the near future.

Looking Ahead

Like the rest of Canada, Quebec is adding residency options for highly skilled foreign workers in the tech industry. This is part of Canada’s continued effort to be an attractive destination for foreign workers and businesses in these highly sought-after industries.

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