Norway: Entry Restrictions Extended  

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key points

  • Norway extends entry restrictions  


The Norwegian government announced that current entry restrictions will be extended beginning 29 Oct 2021. The end date for this extension has yet to be announced. Entry restriction exemptions apply to: 

  • All travelers, regardless of departure country, who are fully vaccinated, who have a valid and verifiable vaccination information;
  • All EEA nationals, including travelers from third countries who currently reside in the EEA and Schengen area;
  • Travelers who live in purple list countries; and
  • Foreign nationals who reside in Norway or family members of people who reside in Norway 

Travel quarantine is also removed from travelers arriving from orange areas. Travel quarantine restrictions will continue to apply to travelers arriving from red, dark red, purple and gray countries and territories.   

What’s Changed?  

Norway has enforced strict entry restrictions since March 2020, with some easing in restrictions beginning in September. This latest change will extend these restrictions until the Norwegian government can ensure a decrease in COVID-19 infection rates.  

Looking Ahead 

Continue to check the Norwegian government website and Envoy’s website for additional updates and information.  

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