Latvia: Declaration of a State of Emergency

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points  

  • On Oct.11, 2021, Latvia entered a three-month state of emergency  


The Government of Latvia announced that, as of Oct. 11, 2021, the country has started a three-month state of emergency.  Face masks are mandatory for in-person meetings and no more than 10 unvaccinated persons will be allowed to gather in a private space. All individuals in the public and private sector who can work remotely must do so. Employees who are not fully vaccinated or recovered are allowed to be present in person in work premises indoors only on an employer’s assignment if the employee displays no symptoms of COVID-19 or if there is no suspicion of them being infected with COVID-19, and they hold a testing certificate or an employer-provided antigen test not older than 72 hours. Individuals working in the public sector must be fully vaccinated and receive a vaccination certificate by Nov. 15, 2021. Some restrictions differ based on an individual's vaccination status.  

What are the Changes?  

 The state of emergency, which will last three months, will impact in-person meetings, including meetings for professional purposes, public events and more. 

Looking Ahead 

Continue to check the government of Latvia's website for further updates and Envoy’s website for additional information.  


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