Kazakhstan: Quota Applications end September 30, 2021

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points 

  • The deadline for employers to file quota applications to obtain work permits in 2022 is Sept. 30, 2021
  • Quota applications must demonstrate the total amount of work permit holders the company employs and how many they intend to hire in 2022
  • Employers must file their quota applications with the appropriate employment agency in any region of Kazakhstan where their company operates


Employers in Kazakhstan must file all quota applications for quota-subject work permits for 2022 by Sept. 30, 2021.  

What are the Changes? 

Employers in Kazakhstan must apply for quotas for all intended work permit holders each year. This year, the deadline to file quota applications is Sept. 30, 2021. 

Looking Ahead 

Employers who do not file a quota application prior to the deadline may not be eligible to hire foreign nationals in 2022. For more information about the requirements of filing quota applications, employers can visit this website


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