Kazakhstan: 2024 Foreign Worker Quota

Key Points  

  • Kazakhstan introduced its new work permit quotas based on region of the country  


The government of Kazakhstan introduced a new 2024 foreign worker quota for all its regions on 14 January 2024. The new quotas are as follows: 

  • Shymkent City: increase from 156 to 537 
  • Akmola region: increase from 178 to 800 
  • Zhambyl: increase from 1,181 to 3,660  
  • West Kazakhstan: decrease from 1,094 to 1,047 
  • Atyrau region: decrease from 6,144 to 4,765 
  • Astana City: decrease from 1,331 to 1,191 
  • Almaty City: decrease from 2,050 to 1,671 

To hire a foreign national employee in the country, employers must submit employment and sponsorship applications to the regional authorities where the work will be performed.   

Within the quota request, the employer must provide information on the current number of foreign nationals employed and the number of foreign nationals the company intends to hire in 2024. Quotas do not apply to intracompany transfers.  

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of Kazakhstan’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information.  

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