Ireland: Residence Permit Card Extensions Due To Processing Backlogs

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points 

  • Ireland extended the period of stay for foreign nationals holding soon-to-be expired Residence Permit cards so long as they have submitted a renewal application 


The government of Ireland has confirmed that due to a backlog in processing immigration renewals of all Irish Residence Permits (IRP), cards renewed online can be relied upon by employees and employers for a maximum period of 8 weeks. The extension of immigration permission will only apply to IRC cards that are currently in the process of being renewed.  Applications submitted following expiry are not extended and those employees are to be considered without permission.    

According to the government, IRP card applications are generally processed in six weeks. The delivery of new cards can take up to two weeks.  

Eligible applicants can apply online. Applicants will be provided a receipt of the application, which details the date of the application submission and the unique application number (OREG number). The applicant will then receive an email confirmation, which can be used as proof of registration while the applicant awaits the delivery of a new IRP card. 

What are the Changes?  

The government of Ireland has extended the immigration permission of foreign nationals who have applied for a new IRP card. According to the government, this decision was made due to a backlog in processing IRP card renewals due to a large number of applications. The extension applies to Stamp 1 IRP card holders and Stamp 4 IRP card holders.  

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of Ireland’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information.  

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