Ireland: Employment Permit System Expansion 2024

Key Points  

  • Ireland introduced substantial changes to its employment permit system, including expanding the occupations under the Critical Skills List and raising salary threshold requirements  


The government of Ireland announced comprehensive changes to its employment permit system on 20 December 2023. These changes include the following measures: 

  • Adding 11 new roles to the Critical Skills Occupations List  
  • Opening eligibility for a General Employment Permit to include 32 new roles 
  • Increasing the salary requirement for a majority of General Employment Permit holders from €30,000 to €34,000 in January 2024 
  • Increasing salary requirements for healthcare assistants, home carers, horticultural workers and meat processors to €30,000 in January 2024, which will bring these employees in line with family reunification thresholds  
  • Extending the existing quotas for dairy farm assistants, butcher/deboner, meat processors and horticultural workers 
  • Introducing a Labor Market Needs Test (LMNT) as part of the General Employment Permit application. The LMNT must reflect revised salary thresholds.  

For specific insights into the salary threshold increases and new roles, check here 

Envoy Global’s Ireland Team Insights  

Aaron Flynn, Director of Immigration at Envoy Global in Ireland, noted that these changes may impact employers in 2024 and have already priced packages based on the current salary rates. However, Aaron pointed out that salary increases are a positive change for foreign nationals seeking employment in Ireland. Flynn emphasized that employers must refine their labor market testing to ensure advertisements meet the new requirements.  

Looking Ahead  

The government stated that further salary increases will take place in 2025. Continue to check the government of Ireland’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information. 

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