India: Emergency E-Visa Now Available for Afghan Citizens

Last Updated on February 23, 2023


India’s Ministry of Home Affairs introduced the new e-Emergency X-Misc Visa on Wednesday for citizens of Afghanistan. Eligible applicants can apply for the e-visa online through this website. The web portal has been developed to ensure fast-tracked application processing.

Key Points

  • All Afghan citizens are now eligible to apply for the new e-Emergency X-Misc Visa to travel to India from Afghanistan
  • Applicants may apply online for fast-track application processing
  • There is no fee associated with the e-visa except for processing fees
  • The e-visa is valid for six months and is meant for security clearance into India only

What are the Changes?

India previously had an e-visa system in-place, but the new e-Emergency X-Misc visa has just been introduced as a response to the developing situation in Afghanistan. The new e-visa offers Afghan citizens an opportunity to apply for a visa online without having to travel to an embassy.

Looking Ahead

More details about the validity of the e-Emergency X-Misc visa and information on how visa holders may extend or adjust their status in India are expected to be announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs soon. Please check back for additional details in the coming days regarding the new e-visa.


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