France: New Work Permit Application Platform Made Available

Last Updated on February 23, 2023


With hopes to make the work permit application process more efficient, France has moved their procedure to a new online platform.

Key Points

  • The change took effect April 6, 2021, introducing foreign nationals and employers to  this  website.
  • The platform, with seven regional subsections, were introduced and are intended to handle different regional areas within France. These regions include the North and West regions, Avignon (seasonal work,) Bobigny, Nanterre, Clermond-Ferrand, and the Cayenne region.
  • The newly introduced platform will allow the application process to be streamlined from the SMOE (France’s foreign workforce service) directly to the employer and employee.

What Are the Changes

Employers will no longer submit applications for work authorization at their local labor department offices.The new platform also designates seven regional segments for handling the workload in different areas of France.

Looking Forward

Over time, the online application platform should help streamline the process and make the work authorization application process more efficient.

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