Czech Republic: Updates to Residence Permit Procedures

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points

  • Biometric rules have been updated for specific documents required in the application for residency
  • The former “Certificate of Temporary Residence” is now the “Registration Certificate”  
  • The Registration Certificate is subject to an administrative fee. The fee is paid in the form of stamp duty, determined when applying for the application
  • Additional documentation is required to sponsor “distant” family members for their residence permit. This includes monthly income and insurance requirements
  • Under the withdrawal agreement, the category of family members of EU nationals has now been expanded to cover British citizens


The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic announced changes to the residence permit procedures for foreign nationals. Changes to the procedures include new biometric rules,  administration fees, “registration certificate,” definition of distant family members, and a new category for British nationals.  

What are the Changes?

The current procedures in place have been updated to reflect the legislative negotiations over the last year. They tighten the Czech regulations for residency while also strengthening the security of identity cards.  

Looking Ahead

Residency applicants, EU Nationals and British citizens should expect new processes when applying for immigration status in the Czech Republic.  


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