Czech Republic: New Identification Documents Required for Third Country Nationals

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points

  • All third-country nationals must exchange their old identification documents for updated identification documents which will contain biometric data. Foreign nationals who have already received Czech identification cards will need to go to the Ministry of Interior to complete a form and turn in their old card.  
  • By Aug. 31, 2022 all documentation must be exchanged for new identification cards. A recommendation from the government is for the extended family to also have their documents in by this date. Extended family members are relatives of EU or Czech National with permanent residency in Czech Republic.   
  • By Aug. 3, 2023 non-EU family members of EU nationals must get their new identification documents.  


Starting Aug. 2, 2021, all third-country nationals must get updated identification documents, which contain biometric data. The new process is free and is also required for third country nationals as well as family members of EU nationals.  

What are the Changes?

The new regulations regarding acceptable identification documents ultimately aim to avoid the risk of fraud and identity theft. The newly issued ID cards contain updated technology.  

Looking Ahead

 Individuals who do not receive their new identification documents by the required deadlines will incur penalties, which can include a fine up to $4,500, deportation, and a possible ban of up to 5 years. 


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