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Colombia: New Criteria Announced for Fulfilling Immigration Obligations and Imposition of Sanctions

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points

  • Migration Colombia has updated criteria to fulfill immigration obligations and administrative procedures for imposing sanctions
  • Changes are outlined in Resolution 2357
  • Changes include increased fines for infractions, updated CPACA guidance on administrative investigation compliance, penalties for avoiding immigration controls, and overstays


The Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia has updated criteria for fulfilling immigration obligations and administrative procedures for imposing sanctions. The changes are outlined in Resolution 2357.

What are the Changes?

Updates in Resolution 2357 include:

  • An increase in fines for minor infractions to 1 to 8 monthly minimum salaries
  • An increase in fines for moderate infractions to 4 to 100 monthly minimum salaries
  • Under the Administrative Procedure and Contentious Administrative Code (CPACA), Individuals and organizations may be subject to further investigations or fines if they fail to provide information during an initial administrative investigation
  • Criminal sanctions may be imposed on individuals who were expelled from Colombia and reentered to avoid immigration controls
  • Individuals may be able to pay a fine to avoid deportation for overstays of 30 days or less beyond their visa expiration if they have a proven family unit, a special medical situation, or ongoing work or study obligations

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