Canada: Future Plans for Immigration

Key Points  

  • Canada introduced a new plan for the future of its immigration system, intending to strengthen the country’s immigration system 


The government of Canada introduced a new plan for the future of its immigration system to strengthen the country’s immigration system. These measures will include: 

  • Introducing new humanitarian routes to respond to global crisis.  
  • Developing new Francophone immigration policies to grow the Francophone minority community.  
  • Improving the International Student Program by working with provinces and territories on a Recognized Institutions Framework so that post-secondary institutions with high standards in key areas such as integrity and student support can benefit from faster processing of study permits. 
  • Integrating housing, health care and infrastructure planning, along with other important services, into Canada’s immigration levels planning, in close collaboration with provinces, territories and municipalities. 
  • Establishing an advisory body of newcomers with experience in immigration to inform program and policy improvements, as well as service delivery 
  • Creating a Chief International Talent Officer position to more effectively align immigration programs and pathways with the labor market, including industry and sector strategies.  

What are the Changes?  

The Canadian government shared plans for future improvements in its immigration system. Several of these measures have already been introduced. According to the government announcement, these measures will help to increase immigration to the country and fill current labor shortages.  

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of Canada’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information. 

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