Canada: Further Information on the Temporary H-1B Pathway  

This article was originally published on 17 July 2023 and was updated on 18 July 2023 to reflect new information.

18 July 2023 Update:

The government of Canada closed the H-1B visa holder work permit pathway to foreign nationals on 17 July 2023 after reaching the cap of 10,000 applications. Additional applications will no longer be accepted.

Key Points  

  • Canada published applications steps and requirements for H-1B Specialty Occupation holders seeking to immigrate to Canada under an open work permit  

Overview of the H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa Pathway 

The Canadian government published further information on its pathway for highly skilled foreign nationals seeking entry and work authorization in Canada. Under the new initiative, anyone holding a U.S.-issued H-1B Specialty Occupation visa who currently lives in the U.S. will be permitted to apply for an open work permit in Canada.  

Fees are set at $155. The permit grants a maximum period of stay for up to three years. Applicants who hold a passport that will expire sooner than three years will be granted a work permit matching the validity of their passport. Extensions are currently not permitted under this pathway. 

The government will open the pathway for a period of one year or until 10,000 applications have been granted. For additional information on the application process and requirements, check here.  

What are the Changes?  

The Canadian government officially opened the open work permit pathway for highly skilled foreign nationals with an H-1B Specialty Occupation visa who currently live in the U.S.  

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of Canada’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information. 

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