Ready to Create a Corporate Immigration Policy? Learn How

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

A corporate immigration policy is essential for any business looking to expand its workforce. This policy, typically put together by HR and hopefully shared widely throughout the organization has one goal: to keep you in compliance with U.S. immigration law.

Benefits of a corporate immigration policy

Establishing a centralized corporate immigration policy has a number of benefits beyond keeping you compliant (which, with immigration practices getting more scrutiny from the government today, is critical). It also aligns the entire organization so everything filters through HR, or the departments you assign to keep track of your immigration processes.

How to create an effective policy

A good corporate immigration policy has a few qualities that shouldn’t be overlooked. First, it should be thorough, detailing processes that need to be in place, people who need to be notified and how to deal with unexpected audits or site visits. Second, it should be shared widely and with high priority, since you don’t want HR to be the last to know about global traveling or compliance issues that may come up. Stay informed by sharing your policy with leaders and managers throughout your organization.

Register for the webinar

With a cohesive plan in place, it’s less likely that something will fall through the cracks. Register today for our upcoming webinar, Creating an Immigration Policy for Your Organization, to learn the critical pieces that make up the corporate immigration policy pie. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices to establish a policy that will keep you compliant with U.S. immigration law
  • How to avoid noncompliance penalties in other countries
  • Ways to share the policy for the best, most effective, application

Register below and mark your calendar for Thursday, September 28 for the Creating an Immigration Policy for Your Organization webinar. You’ll not only get details on how and why you should build your corporate immigration policy, but you’ll also get a chance to have your immigration policy questions answered by our team of experts.

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