How to Retain a Global Workforce with Diversity and Inclusion

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

A global workforce that is diverse is a benefit for any company. When companies emphasize diversity, they are building a workforce that contains a wide range of personal backgrounds, skill sets, innovative ideas and more.


It’s that diversity that can help any company better attract and retain its employees. But not every organization has the infrastructure in place to build and retain a diverse workforce. By implementing the following changes, companies will improve diversity and inclusion – which will lead to better retention of a global workforce.

1. Measure Diversity

There are a few methods to measure diversity, and these include old and new ways. The old way to measure diversity, which is still used today, is to count the number of individuals in a company who fall under certain categories, for instance, gender, race, age and more.  


While this conventional method of measuring diversity may provide a high-level overview, it doesn’t provide the full story. Furthermore, filling quotas based strictly on numbers can be difficult to meet.  


Another, and more modern method to measure diversity is to take a more subjective approach.


For example, HR can gather feedback from employees to see if a diversity program is operating as intended.  


Companies can also examine an organization’s structure to see who holds what title and how much ‘power’ they have within the company. If only certain groups of employees hold key titles and all the decision-making power, a company’s diversity program may not be working as intended.  


When a company measures diversity, its examining whether it’s a comfortable workplace where employees with different backgrounds can openly share ideas to drive performance.

2. Provide Training

Companies should consider offering diversity training to help become a more inclusive environment overall. Diversity training is the first step towards creating that inclusive environment because it’ll help employees understand the benefits of a diverse workforce.


As more employees understand the importance of a diverse workforce, the workplace environment will start to feel more welcoming to existing employees and new hires.

3. Foster Diversity Everywhere

Diversity shouldn’t be an objective only amongst new hires. If companies are truly serious about creating a more welcoming environment and retaining diverse talent, they need to ensure all ranks in the organization are diverse as well.


Employees will notice if upper management doesn’t reflect the values of the company. As such, these individuals are more likely to leave. Companies should seek to foster diversity at every organizational level.

4. Embrace the Global Workforce

Companies serious about competing on the global landscape will need to attract workers from all over the world. By understanding that everyone has a unique background and different perspectives, fostering an inclusive work environment should be a top priority, particularly if organizations are hiring international talent.  


Even little gestures, such as offering work flexibility for employees in different countries, can go a long way toward creating that inclusive workplace.  


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