3 Ways To Improve Your Global Immigration Program in 2023

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

It's the start of 2023, and you are taking stock of your global immigration program, from the encouraging successes to the opportunities for improvement.  

You know what you need to succeed, but you may lack the whole toolbox to tackle the crucial improvements on your wish list. 

Let Envoy Global give you a helping hand in 2023 with the following: 

  • Reliable budget forecasting.
  • Integration of your HR management platforms. 
  • Better immigration support for your workforce.

Here's a look at how Envoy provides the tools you need to make critical improvements to your global immigration program:

Say Hello to Reliable Budget Forecasting

To make the best decisions for your organization, you need clear insight into the budget factors impacting your global immigration program. 

Envoy gives you transparent, real-time data on your immigration and mobility costs. You can leverage our user-friendly interface to gather details on your organization's immigration costs, including breakdowns organized by visa type, employee group, geography, business unit or custom filters personalized to your needs.  

Need even more insight? We have you covered with customized cost breakdowns and budget forecast reports.

Does your senior leadership need a detailed review of your global immigration program? Consider it done. Your Envoy team will analyze your program and deliver personalized insights in a comprehensive report. 

Global mobility professionals make many important decisions, so accurate and concise information is vital. Make your budget decisions easier by letting Envoy deliver the details you need to strategize and execute better forecasting in 2023.

Enhance Data Reliability by Integrating Your HR Management Platform

How many of your sponsored employees changed job titles, salaries, worksites or residential addresses in 2022?  

For a busy global immigration program, the answer is probably "many." Change is inevitable throughout the year, but global mobility professionals know how important it is to track all large and small adjustments for sponsored employees. Data reliability is critical because even a small database error or a team disconnect can lead to big problems.  

Envoy helps remove that stress to ensure your data is accurate across all platforms. Our systems securely and seamlessly integrate with popular HR management software like Workday, ADP, PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM and more.

Any changes to a sponsored employee's profile in your HR management will automatically update your dedicated Envoy team. They can immediately review the changes and propose actions if needed.  

Envoy's approach offers unmatched diligence for our customers. We ensure your data is accurate, saving you time and providing peace of mind. 

Take Compliance Management Off Your Plate

Government audits are the ever-present risk in every mobility professional's mind.  

As you know all too well, a small mistake on an immigration application or corporate document can cause a significant problem. Accuracy and quality assurance are critical for your global immigration program. 

Envoy understands this, and that's why across-the-board diligence is the backbone of our services. Our model provides several quality assurances throughout the immigration process and beyond.

This model provides our customers with confidence that their compliance matters are covered. Your dedicated Envoy team regularly monitors compliance requirements for your organization, while our platform allows you to securely store and manage critical documents for your global immigration program. 

What does this mean for you? No more mangled spreadsheets, missing emails and – most importantly – no more stress when managing your company's compliance information.       

The new year will be a busy year for global mobility professionals! Let Envoy set you up for success by learning more about how we can help you improve your global immigration program.

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