Inside Envoy: Our 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

From empathy to transparency, these are our four resolutions for 2020

Continuous improvement is part of the Envoy Global DNA. As a technology company, we’re always innovating and iterating to add continued value to our platform, and in turn, our customers. As a workforce, we strive to consistently re-evaluate our skills and processes to provide best-in-class service to our customers. As coworkers, we aim to be collaborative, supportive and appreciative of one another. A new year means a fresh opportunity to set goals and revisit old ones. Here’s a look at the resolutions and mantras we plan to live by this year.

Envoy’s four big resolutions for the New Year

1. Practice Transparency

Just as we prioritize transparency for employers and foreign nationals going through the immigration process, we want to make it a point to be transparent with one another in our daily interactions and as we work together as a team. Being honest with our coworkers about our challenges, opportunities, successes and areas for improvement will make us more aligned, help us grow as a company and celebrate our wins along the way.

Fun fact: all of Envoy’s conference rooms have glass walls, providing literal transparency as well! 

All of Envoy’s conference rooms have glass walls, providing literal transparency!

2. Be Thorough 

Immigration policy can change at a moment’s notice. Taking the time and energy to be careful and deliberate with our work helps keep our customers informed of any changes that could impact their organization.

According to Director of Product Development Greg Liegel, for the product and technology teams, being thorough recently meant logging extra hours to build and launch new features to ensure our customers’ needs were met and that their employees were able to move through the immigration process and secure work authorization.

3. Be Responsive

Hand-in-hand with thoroughness is our focus on responsiveness. The pace with which immigration policy can change requires quick action in order to make sure those changes don’t create issues for our customers. Being responsive to the questions and concerns of customers and foreign nationals is a critical skill in our industry and in our day-to-day work environment.

In a collaborative environment like Envoy’s, different teams are constantly working with one another to meet goals and stay aligned. By communicating and responding efficiently, we improve the quality of our work and foster a positive culture.

4. Have empathy

At the core of our business are real people embarking on a monumental life change. Moving across borders—domestic or international—is a significant endeavor, and the immigration process only makes it more anxiety-inducing. In addition to recognizing these concerns through our technology and services, we also make it a point to treat our customers, their employees and each other with respect and compassion.

“We want to create an environment where people feel valued,” Envoy CEO Dick Burke said. “When we treat each other with dignity and respect, we create an environment where people are capable of accomplishing great things.”

We’re excited to see these resolutions through in the new year and continue to provide exceptional service to our customers and their sponsored talent. For more content like this in 2020, make sure you’re following up on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!