Envoy Product Update Tech Beat

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Envoy is dedicated to bringing you the best support for your immigration needs. Aside from our strong customer service and proven track record of helping employers navigate the nuances of visa sponsorship, we pride ourselves on our innovative technology. We’re excited to announce the latest Envoy product update and releases – read on to find out how we continue to improve our platform and user experience.

New reports for HR customers

HR customers can now keep track of their company’s visa-sponsored employees, all of their company’s spending on immigration and all ongoing cases in one view.

These reports provide information frequently sought by customers, often from our CRM team. Making this content directly available to customers is intended to improve customer satisfaction with Envoy and reduce efforts by our CRM and data teams in generating reports.

These added improvements bring us one step closer to ensuring our customers receive the most up-to-date information at a moment’s notice.

Company-wide auditing capabilities

Support for auditing employees with multiple job locations, plugging holes from missing LCA reference numbers and more are all included in our new auditor tool. Compliance audits can now include employees whose casework hasn’t been addressed by Global Immigration Associates, Envoy’s affiliated law firm. Certain information, like salary and job title, can only be updated by human resources, but is still available to be viewed by the employee through the mobile app.

Reminders for renewals on global visas

These reminders help customers be more proactive in planning to renew global visas, in addition to U.S.-based visas. Like U.S.-based visas, Workforce Planner will display reminders to renew the global visas six months prior to those expiration dates.


Curious to see the Envoy product update in action? Check out the product here.