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[Slide Deck] Changing Landscape of Immigration 2017

As the workplace becomes more global, the skills mismatch grows -  and the Trump administration continues its focus on immigration - more and more organizations are dealing with the challenges and intricacies of hiring foreign nationals.

Join Envoy as we present research that addresses questions surrounding immigration, what employers are doing to address challenges they’re facing and how organizations are managing information like Public Access Files and employee data.

You’ll receive: 

  • An analysis of the specific issues employers are facing as they employ foreign nationals
  • How organizations are handling immigration compliance
  • Insight into the immigration landscape in 2018
  • ...and more

Please note: this webinar is well-suited for HR practitioners with a good understanding of the immigration process and who would like to help craft or improve an internal immigration policy and/or program. If you’re looking for more basic information on immigration, please be sure to check out our resource center or stay tuned for more updates.


Jamie Gilpin

Chief Marketing Officer & Workforce Analyst, Envoy Jamie, a veteran to the HR technology industry, brings over 15 years of sales, marketing, and branding experience to Envoy. As CMO, she plays a key role in driving a powerful brand for Envoy that represents its dedication to providing education, support, unparalleled value and a better experience overall for both businesses and employees navigating through the immigration process. Prior to Envoy, Gilpin was the vice president of marketing at CareerBuilder where she studied the relationships between job seekers and employers for over a decade and became passionate about solving the skills gap. Jamie has presented on the skills gap, workforce trends, HR, big data, technology and employment branding appearing at conferences and in the media including SHRM Talent Management, SBA Small Business Week, Evanta HR Leadership Summits, Illinois Technical Association, WGN, ERE, SHRM, and more. 


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