Envoy Conversations: Getting buy-in for technology in today's mobility landscape

June 16, 2021

The need for foreign talent is a constant in the workforce, but it’s no secret how complex and time consuming managing a global workforce can be. For foreign nationals, the inherent uncertainty of the immigration process can create anxieties, and the various documents and paperwork required can quickly become overwhelming and create compliance concerns for HR teams.

Leading employers realize that while maintaining compliance comes first, employee experience must be at the heart of a successful immigration program. Savvy ones have realized the power of addressing these challenges through the use of technology. The right tools can help HR teams navigate compliance more successfully, especially amid periods of change, and empower foreign national employees.

About this event

Moderated by Envoy CEO Dick Burke, our next Envoy Conversations event features an exciting panel of speakers from ADP, WPP and Bloomberg. Becky Woods, Stephen McGarry and Christopher Wild will share their experiences using technology to reduce risk, manage employee information and  improve the immigration experience for sponsored employees.

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