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Nordstrom Partner Webinar: Working With Hiring Managers To Enhance The Foreign Employee Experience

February 19, 2020

Click here to download the slide deck.

In an age where organizations are putting employee experience at the heart of their immigration programs, supporting your sponsored talent throughout their immigration journey needs to be a company-wide effort. The process can be long, complex and filled with uncertainty, making foreign nationals anxious about changing jobs. Ensuring that hiring managers not only understand what foreign nationals are facing but also are able to advocate for them can lay the foundation for a solid relationship in the future.

Envoy Global VP of HR Lindsay Dagiantis and GIA Managing Attorney Chris Preston will join Nordstrom Talent Mobility Manager Ray Kirby to discuss how HR professionals can work with hiring managers to create a better experience for foreign national employees.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Methods for building relationships between managers and HR teams
  • ​The importance of short-term and long-term immigration strategies for employees
  • How to get hiring managers more involved in green card processes
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