A Look Inside Envoy

November 11, 2015
Imagine walking into the customs area at O’Hare’s Terminal 5, on your way to your family and your suburban house, and not knowing whether you’ll be allowed into the country. Envoy CTO, Mahi Inampudi, knows the feeling. Going through the immigration process after being in the country for over a decade, he recalls the feeling of potential rejection right there on US soil. Envoy's mission is profound, nothing less than helping people fulfill their dreams in the land of opportunity that is the United States by helping facilitate the immigration process. It’s not an easy problem to solve. “There is no streamlined process,” says Rangachari, and “it can be murky, confusing, and expensive,” adds Director of Talent Development Kristy Nittskoff. "Our purpose and our mission are one in the same. It's to help companies and individuals reach their potential." − Dick Burke, CEO "Envoy exists to help others fulfill their dreams in many different ways." − Kristy Nittskoff, Director of Talent Development "Here I feel like I'm making a difference. Both in the lives of my co-workers and also in the lives of the people that we're helping. " − Jay Norrell, Data Solutions Developer Envoy's online platform takes some of the pain out of the process, making it more transparent and smooth for clients. These hallmarks of transparency and predictability permeate Envoy's office in the loop. There are no offices — not even for CEO Dick Burke — and all conference rooms have glass walls. Exposed beams reveal a higher ceiling and employees walk through the space with the purpose of people on a mission, and a profound one at that. “At the end of each day,” says Burke, “I want our employees to think, ‘I made a difference in someone’s life.’” And judging by the looks on employees’ faces, that’s never far from their thoughts.
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