L Visa Filing Tips and Tricks

September 13, 2017

You need your company’s best talent in the United States. Here are five ways to help get it here.

L-1 visas apply to executives, managers and employees with specialized knowledge — which means that those employees’ skills are critical to ensuring the growth and success of your organization. But providing the right evidence for L-1 visas can be tricky: You need to prove that your employee works in a managerial role (L-1A) and that his or her knowledge is truly unique and necessary to your company (L-1B). That means compiling evidence — a lot of it.

To set you up for success, we put together a tip sheet that answers some of the common questions asked by L-1 petitioners.

  • How can I prove the relationship between my company and the employee’s foreign branch?
  • What kind of evidence will help show my employee has truly specialized knowledge?
  • What are some common roadblocks in the process?
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