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Partnering with Envoy helped bring about a noticeable shift almost immediately. Now, it's easy to keep tabs on all messages with attorneys with tracked messaging inside the platform. John's team can capture the information they need and share with hiring managers while still controlling how much sensitive data is shared. And, John's Envoy customer success manager helps make working in the platform simple and efficient, helping him whenever there's a question on anything, from starting a case to setting up a call. The user dashboard inside the Envoy platform displays all cases that are active and which employees have which visas. "And if I need to do a quick snapshot of our company," John notes, "I can do that in a second." No more digging through emails or spending hours putting together pieced-together reports. Pop up notices of changes in immigration policies and regulations help John keep up with what's new in immigration. He is then able to update his team about compliance concerns. Wearing the many hats of an HR generalist, John doesn't have time to spend researching new developments in immigration compliance. Relying on a professional attorney to do that – and send him up-to-date notifications – is a game-changer. The HR team at Segment uses the Envoy visa questionnaire to pinpoint which documents are needed and from whom in order to complete a visa application. "With Envoy, everything in the questionnaire – all the documents needed – are laid out," John says. "So it is pretty easy for me to communicate that to the hiring manager and for the employees to get them in quickly." One of the most influential changes at Segment since partnering with Envoy is that John and his team have become confident in recruiting international talent – now more than ever. "Now, we tend to embrace it," he says. "We're not scared of different types of visas because we know that we have a good team to help us through the whole process." More confidence in international recruiting has led to an expanding immigration program at Segment. And scaling is easy with Envoy. The technology enables Segment grow their immigration program efficiently and quickly, so they can keep pace with their expanding workforce. And because of the way it's helped the talented workforce scale, John's seamless immigration program now has complete buy-in from hiring managers and executives. ENVOY'S EFFICIENT PLATFORM DRIVES GROWTH Diversity in thought and experience is an essential part of the Segment workforce, and though the organization has always strived to recruit people from various cultural perspectives, it wasn't always easy. It was difficult to attract talented people outside the U.S. to come and work at Segment because the labor-intensive email-based process required to recruit internationally was inhibiting. Before partnering with Envoy, John and the HR team were working with immigration lawyers mainly through email. "It was really hard to navigate through email, and also to maintain transparency," he says about immigration before Envoy. "A lot of the hiring managers, and even the employees, wanted to know where things were in the process." The attorneys Segment relied on to process immigration cases weren't able to communicate well what they needed up-front, which resulted in frustrating delays in getting paperwork submitted and organized. And, the team didn't have sufficient legal guidance on how they needed to store critical documents like FRUSTRATING PROCESSES SLOW IMMIGRATION "If I need to do a quick snapshot of our company, I can do that in a second."

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