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HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN AUDIT Have a plan. Designate a specific person at each worksite where the company employs foreign national workers. Instruct receptionists or relevant receiving personnel as to how to respond to the officer and who to contact internally. Advise foreign national employees and their managers of the possibility of a site inspection. Contact your attorney as soon as the officer arrives. As mentioned above, the officer typically will not reschedule the visit to allow the attorney to be physically present, but may allow the attorney to participate via phone. Additionally, they may allow the employer representative to write down all questions and confer with the attorney before responding. Confirm the officer's validity. As part of your company's site visit plan, make sure your receptionist asks for the officer's ID/business card. If the receptionist is concerned after reviewing the credentials, she may contact the number on the business card to confirm the officer's authority to conduct the inquiry. Document the site visit. Note the officer's name, title, and contact information for the company's records. Record the petition(s) reviewed, the date of the visit and any follow-up communications. Jot down the questions asked and the cadence of the visit to inform your attorney about potential expectations for future visits. Takes notes as to what photographs were taken, which documents were requested and who the officer interviewed. Prepare your company's clients. If your workers are stationed at a client's worksite, an officer could conduct a visit at that location. The inverse is also true. Communicate with your clients and vendors to discuss the possibility of such a visit and to agree on a plan of action if an officer arrives. Ensure a company representative accompanies the officer while she is onsite, but note that the officer may interview employees solo. Maintain copies of all documentation provided to the site inspector and (if in the original), ensure that the officer does not leave with the original. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 In sum, your company should ensure that it is prepared for a FDNS site visit. Please contact your immigration attorney to help devise a plan and prepare you and your employees. (312) 964-6300 ENVOYGLOBAL.COM Content in this publication is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as such. For additional information on the issues discussed, consult a Envoy-retained attorney or another qualified professional. Website, technology platform and administrative services provided by Envoy Global Inc., a Delaware corporation. Legal services provided by Envoy-affiliated attorneys. © 2017, Envoy Global Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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