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How FiftyThree Fixed Its Broken Immigration Process

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(312) 964-6300 WWW.ENVOYGLOBAL.COM Website, technology platform and administrative services provided by Envoy Global Inc., a Delaware corporation. Legal services provided by Envoy-affiliated attorneys. © 2017, Envoy Global Inc., All Rights Reserved. Lasting Results "Until I got involved in this process at a more granular level, I didn't really fully appreciate how personal, nor how scary it can be for folks," says Sharpe. FiftyThree offers green card sponsorship, making a lasting investment in its workforce. And they've found that the reward of offering someone a secure future has many benefits. Software Development Engineer Andrew Chan is one of their most recent employees to complete the green card process. FiftyThree took a moment to celebrate the process and what it meant for everyone involved. "It was an emotional milestone for the company and we've had a few of those thanks to Envoy." Finding the right immigration provider wasn't just switching to a different vendor for FiftyThree. Through change, they found a true partner that's dedicated to their success in the immigration process and beyond. "Working with Envoy is the difference between walking around in the dark and being able to turn on the lights." - Jason Sharpe Jason Sharpe Head of Global Operations FiftyThree Advice to Employers "In one word, it would be outsource. I think it's foolish to try to navigate this yourself. It can burn a lot of time, energy and expense. Usually the counterpart internally that deals with your traditional standard among law firms is either an external legal council or an internal one. Both are not cheap, especially to companies of our size — outsource, outsource. And, of course, find the best partner to outsource. We found that in Envoy." "We're 38, lean and mean and a lot of my job is to find ways that the gears can still turn, and to do that ef- ficiently. So we're extremely pleased that Envoy is part of that equation."

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