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How FiftyThree Fixed Its Broken Immigration Process

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DID YOU KNOW? Architect Daniel Libeskind, designer of One World Trade Center, uses FiftyThree's Pencil stylus. Problem "To be completely transparent, our immigration process was non-existent," says Sharpe. "There was no strategy, the process was completely in disarray." Instead of proactive case preparation, a transparent process and a culture of constant communication, they received just the opposite. When partnered with a Seattle-based law firm, they were met with zero visibility and responsiveness. Pair those issues with internal barriers to the immigration process and the organization had to rethink its entire H-1B visa processing. Solution After diagnosing the problem, Sharpe realized they hadn't placed enough value on finding the right partner. He believes the first step is vetting potential partners for "fit." The crucial step is to engage with partners that not only have the expertise, but demonstrate a high level of care in their work and are passionate about helping people through the immigration process. Sharpe found the value his organization needed with Envoy. Natalie Napolitano, his customer relationship manager, provided that previously missing level support. "She cares, she's responsive and she takes the process personally, he says. "That's the exact type of vendor we wanted to find. We're lucky we did." Here are a couple more of FiftyThree's other top-rated Envoy benefits, according to Sharpe: "The telescopic ability to zoom in and zoom out: It offers the right data insight for different levels of the audience. I can zoom into one case and zoom out to see all of my sponsored employees, enabling leadership to easily plan and forecast." "You're also able to see the end-to- end process. Insight into the process helps our employees and all of us as a leadership team. I am confident in our staff that it's being handled, and that's the most important thing. It's important that our employees have this feeling of stability and trust. We've bred that with Envoy." "Passion for customers: At the end of the day, it's just having a passion for our customers, and that's something we mutually share."

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