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Epsten Group's 11th Hour H-1B Petition Approved with Envoy

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"My CEO particularly liked [Envoy's] flat fee, and I personally liked the communication portal and having the single point of contact." -Cheryl Glover Trusted Immigration Partner "I like being able to log in to the application with any questions, or I can reach out to my designated liaison," Glover says. "If there's something that I need the answer to right away, that person works with attorneys to get me everything I need." For each company, Envoy designates a customer relationship manager as the primary point of contact during the application process from start to finish. The relationship manager answers questions, facilitates attorney calls, sets reminders for visa renewals and more. " The cap season lottery typically fills up in the first week of April. " Due to the 85,000 cap on new H-1B petitions accepted for processing each year, it's important to prepare the petitions months before the April 1 lottery start date. But in March, a last-minute recruiting effort required the firm to begin a cap-eligible application just nine business days before the lottery opened. Cap Season Time Crunch The H-1B petition benefited Jialu Xie, a Chinese national recruited as the company's new energy modeling specialist. As an expert in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, she was an important addition to Epsten Group's team of high- performance building professionals. "I was [worried]," Glover says of starting the application at the last minute. "But talking to my contact person, he assured me that everything should be fine." A Positive Outcome "I started the case and [Envoy] reached out to Jialu and explained the process to her," Glover says. "She started immediately uploading her documentation. A lot of what was needed from me is already on file, so it was very limited work that I had to do." After an initial work visa application is prepared through Envoy's platform, a company's documents and information are stored in the system securely, reducing the company's time commitment for preparing subsequent applications. Additionally, foreign national employees receive account access, allowing them to upload documents through the portal and ask Envoy-affiliated attorneys questions about their case directly via the Communication Center. " The process for me was pretty painless and seamless. " Due to the quick work of the attorneys, Xie's petition was completed and submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services by April 1. Shortly after the petition was filed, Envoy informed Xie and Cheryl of the good news: The application was selected for processing and the petition was approved.

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