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Epsten Group's 11th Hour H-1B Petition Approved with Envoy

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CASE STUDY As a global leader in sustainable building practices, Atlanta-based Epsten Group has assessed more than 8,500 high-performance structures in more than 50 countries. The architecture and building firm has 25 years of experience delivering design and consulting services to clients globally – but when it came to building its team back home, the company found that it needed to evolve its recruiting practices. Its primary challenge? Finding talent that would help the company stand out in a fiercely competitive industry. "This is a highly specialized job and very hard to find, so oftentimes when we post a position, most of the qualified candidates are coming from foreign nationals," says Cheryl Glover, human resources manager at Epsten Group. Finding a Quality Provider Glover began to develop her company's visa sponsorship program – but found she needed a partner she could trust to navigate the process. So she began looking for a quality immigration services provider. "I worked with Envoy, so I had that comfort level," she says. During her tenure as a human resources generalist at a previous company, Glover built a relationship with Envoy, an online immigration services provider. With the added recruitment expenses associated with foreign national sponsorship, finding the most cost-efficient solution became a priority. "Of course my CEO encouraged me to reach out to some immigration attorneys as well," Glover says. "I wanted to know, on average, how much I would spend on a typical H-1B visa sponsorship. Their fees were based on hourly rates and we really didn't like the unknown." That need for certainty was met by Envoy's clear flat rate for each visa application. "We liked knowing how much money we're going to spend every time," Glover says. "My CEO particularly liked [Envoy's] flat fee, and I personally liked the communication portal and having the single point of contact." Since its first H-1B petition with Envoy in 2013, Epsten Group has successfully sponsored multiple H-1B applications and transfers. Recently, the company advanced its immigration program by sponsoring a foreign national for legal permanent residency. To date, 15 percent of its 50-person team is foreign-born. Epsten Group's Eleventh-Hour H-1B Petition is Approved With Envoy Mission "The Epsten Group provides sustainable building solutions by assisting clients with design, consulting, certification, policy and science. We connect our clients to sustainable, regenerative practices that contribute to a livable planet." Impact The multidisciplinary architecture and building consulting firm has assessed more than 8,500 high- performance buildings in over 50 countries. Employees 50 About the Company

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