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Centro: Smart Tech Company Finds Kin in Immigration Services Provider Envoy

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CASE STUDY The advertising world has experienced a shift. Marketers want to see their budgets in action through smart automation, analytics and creative campaigns powered by technology. Centro makes this possible. Since its inception in 2001, the digital advertising firm has innovated and streamlined the process for organizations through its software. The company's ability to adapt to change and market demand has resulted in steady growth. In 2012, Centro had under 300 employees. In 2016, the number surpassed 700. For Centro, staffing up to meet the needs of its customers was only possible through employment-based immigration. "Most of our recent positions are data scientists, data engineer managers and software engineers — and it's not just in the U.S. We also have individuals who need to obtain work permits in Canada," says Emile Clark, director of total rewards at Centro. Clark not only manages immigration, she provides visa sponsorship and processing guidance to Centro's talent acquisition team. "Hiring foreign nationals is very valuable to us and comes as a necessity. The question is: How can we do this more efficiently?" Cue Envoy — an immigration services provider. Though very different, the two companies share a similar mission: to automate businesses workloads so teams can focus on more strategic tasks. "At Centro, we are always looking to improve our processes," she says. "We want to provide the best technology out there, so we try to use other technologies that align with our beliefs and help us improve how we operate our business." Before working with Envoy, Centro used attorneys who didn't offer an online component to manage immigration. "The lawyers were doing a fine job processing our visa applications, but the process was very time-consuming," Clark says. Centro: Smart tech company finds kin in immigration services provider Envoy Background "Centro's software helps automate ad-buying across all digital media channels, giving marketers a single system of record to fulfill their needs." Employees 700 Visa Types H-1B visas, green cards, Canadian work permits Roles Sponsored Data engineers, software engineers, data scientists and quality assurance analysts About the Company 2012 289 employees 2015 700 employees

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