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4 IT'S TIME TO GO GLOBAL Why investing in global talent is crucial for staying competitive. BY CHARLIE JUDY Do you remember when "going global" meant getting a passport, buying a Eurail Pass, and boarding a 747? If you're a Gen Xer, you haven't really lived unless you've schlepped it on an overnight train from Paris to Prague with a frame backpack and three-inch-thick travel guide in tow. Then came the social internet — our renaissance to immediate and unfettered access to this big blue globe. I follow people on Twitter from each of our continents — even Antarctica. I converse with, share knowledge with, learn from and get exposure to people across the planet every day. As people, we are collectively shaped by an unprecedented level of diversity. And this level of exposure can only move in one direction: up. This is the new "going global." As a longtime HR practitioner, I have any number of bellwethers for the workplace. My go-to, though, is how closely the enterprise environment reflects the external realities of the world. A disconnect — any disconnect — gives warning of irrelevance. And irrelevance can be the kiss of death to any

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