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Resume Passport Diploma (an English translation of the diploma, if applicable) Transcripts (an English translation of all transcripts, if applicable) Education evaluation Experience evaluation EMPLOYEE DOCUMENTS H-1B CHECKLIST There are many steps in creating a successful H-1B Person in Specialty Occupation visa petition. One of the most important is collecting all the supporting documents needed to build a strong case. Here is a helpful checklist for HR and employees to get your petition started on the right track. FOR EMPLOYEES WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE UNITED STATES OR WERE IN THE PAST: All I-797 approval notices If the employee holds a dependent status such as H-4 or L-2, these documents may be required of the employee's spouse. In most cases, a copy of the passport's biographical page should suffice. However, if the employee has traveled to the United States previously, all pages with entry/exit stamps may be required. An education evaluation is recommended for all degrees acquired from outside the United States to ensure it meets U.S. four-year degree standards. Be proactive and request the education evaluation as soon as possible. India, Australia and Canada, in particular, are known for having three-year degree programs. All previous Form I-797 Notice of Action notices All previous U.S. visa stamps and information defining the status the individual held during each period of stay All prior I-20 or DS-2019 forms (only applies to employees who have previously held F-1 or J-1 visa status) Most recent I-94 Arrival/Departure Record (required for any foreign national employee currently inside the United States) Passport Visa stamp Current pay stubs If the employee's education alone does not meet the standards for a four-year U.S. degree, an experience evaluation may be completed.

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