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SimCorp: How Immigration Helped a Software Provider Expand Into a New Market

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CASE STUDY "We develop and implement SimCorp Dimension, our world-class, front-to-back investment management solution," says Ashley Perez, an HR consultant at the Copenhagen-based firm. "In order for us to operate as a truly global business, it's important that our talent is able to seamlessly mobilize cross-border." With a strong market share in Europe, the tech provider has shifted its focus to growing its presence in North America for the last 10 years — and immigration has made it possible. Due to a lack of available local talent familiar with the intricacies of its product, SimCorp sought to recruit proven team members through the L-1 Intracompany Transfer visa program, which helped lay the groundwork for their North American operations. So far, its unique global mobility program has helped create a diverse, highly skilled workforce of over 100 employees. A Bumpy Road Originally, SimCorp retained a traditional attorney to manage its work visa sponsorship needs. When I first joined the organization there were a lot of complaints about how immigration was handled. The process was disjointed and seemed unorganized. Employees were frustrated about missed emails and how long it took people to get responses to their questions," says Julia Chopay, an HR business partner at SimCorp. "It was apparent that the traditional law firms were not going to help us scale the business." With government processing, immigration already adds time to the recruiting process. Any additional delay in an individual starting his or her role impacts productivity costing the company potential revenue. One of SimCorp's Canadian consultants needed a TN NAFTA Professional visa to obtain U.S. work authorization. "The consultant went to the border and it was denied. The law firm said they would fix the problem and that it wouldn't happen again. The applicant went to the border a second time and it was denied again," she says. Intrigued by Envoy's combination of cutting-edge technology and individualized support, SimCorp enlisted the company to resolve its SimCorp: Immigration Helps Denmark- Based Software Provider Corner North American Market Background SimCorp's software is an integrated investment management system that allows organizations in the financial sector to manage investments in real time. Number of Clients Worldwide: 170+ Employees 1200 Visa Types Canadian work permits, L-1 Intracompany Transfer visas, TN NAFTA Professional visas Roles Sponsored Consulting services and customer service consultants About the Company

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