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SimCorp: How Immigration Helped a Software Provider Expand Into a New Market

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immigration problems. Envoy delivered what a traditional law firm couldn't: an intuitive cloud-based management system, dedicated support team and experienced legal professionals. Once the two companies began working together, Envoy discovered the case required a specialized approach. "Karen Gillespie (an attorney at Global Immigration Associates, Envoy's exclusively affiliated law firm) ended up drafting a strong support letter that was a one-two punch on why the person was needed for that particular role," Chopay says. The outcome was swift authorized entry into the United States — and no mayday calls at the border. What Defines An Effective Immigration Partner? Clear Expectations "I'm not surprised by anything now because the attorneys assigned to assist SimCorp do a great job of setting expectations for visa approval, based on employees' specific circumstances. In turn, we are able to set expectations with our managers, which is really important to us as a team. We never want to have our managers feel like they have been blindsided. Having all of the information up front makes that conversation so much easier." — Perez Actionable Recruitment Strategies "It ties into our overall people strategy when we are able to get the right people into the right seats at the right time, especially as we scale in North America and grow as an organization. The talent we bring in with our immigration strategy is integral in making us successful." — Chopay An Efficient Process "The attorneys we have used in the past would ask for copies of the same passport five times which was frustrating for both HR and the employee. What is great about Envoy is that you upload a document and it has one central location. That was a huge shift that people really appreciate."— Chopay Weekly Immigration Time Dedication Parallel Goals "Our people strategy is to recruit, develop and retain top talent. Envoy is a valued partner in that strategy. Together we give SimCorp employees the opportunity to develop professionally and personally in an entirely new country seamlessly — which to many is the opportunity of a lifetime!" — Perez About SimCorp SimCorp provides integrated, best-in-class investment management solutions to the world's leading asset managers, fund managers, asset servicers, pension and insurance funds, wealth managers and sovereign wealth funds. Whether deployed on premise or as an ASP solution, its core system, SimCorp Dimension, supports the entire investment value chain and range of instruments, all based on a market-leading IBOR. SimCorp invests more than 20 percent of its annual revenue in research and development, helping clients develop their business and stay ahead of ever-changing industry demands. Listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, SimCorp is a global company, regionally covering all of Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit WITHOUT Envoy: 4 days WITH Envoy : 1 day Julia Chopay HR Business Partner Ashley Perez HR Consultant (312) 964-6300 WWW.ENVOYGLOBAL.COM Website, technology platform and administrative services provided by Envoy Global Inc., a Delaware corporation. Legal services provided by Envoy-affiliated attorneys. © 2017, Envoy Global Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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