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IMMIGRATION TRENDS REPORT 2016 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Employers are placing substantial value on the role of foreign nationals within their organizations — investing considerable time and money in order to bridge the skills gap and remain competitive in today's global environment, according to the Envoy Immigration Trends 2016 survey. "T he results of our survey indicate that it's crucial for employers to be able to hire and retain key foreign national employees," said Dick Burke, president and chief executive officer of Envoy. "Seemingly, employers are concerned that what they perceive to be an increasingly difficult application process, citing an uptick in Requests for Evidence, slow processing times and lack of transparency, is threatening their ability to hire the highly skilled individuals they require to achieve long-term success. " KEY FINDINGS INCLUDE: • Four in 10 employers say sourcing foreign nationals is very/extremely important to their hiring strategy. • More than one-third of employers say they expect their company's foreign national headcount to increase during the next year. Only one in 10 expects a decrease. • Six in 10 employers say their company has sponsored a foreign national for a green card. • Of these, four in 10 start the process when the employee has completed one year of service. • Nearly half of employers (46 percent) say their company's visa application process has become more difficult in the past five years, citing most often that applying for a green card has become more difficult. • Four in 10 employers cite increased Requests for Evidence (RFEs) as a reason the process has become more difficult. • Nearly five in 10 employers say their RFEs have increased in the past five years. • A majority of employers (63 percent) believe the U.S. immigration system is broken. • Half of employers (49 percent) believe that in the next five years, technology-powered platforms/services will be the most important source for making the application process easier. • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the top picks overall for best candidate to reform the current system. • Employers believe that quicker processing times and increasing transparency are very/extremely important to fixing the immigration system. The national survey was conducted online by Harris Poll from Nov. 20 to Dec. 4, 2015, with 412 HR professionals and hiring managers participating across a variety of industries and company sizes. Questions covered the application process and cultural and political immigration issues.

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