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ENVOY - THE EMPLOYER'S GUIDE TO H-1B CAP SEASON Last updated: 16 February 2021 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS An Introduction from Sara Herbek 3 An Introduction to the H-1B 4 What is H-1B Electronic Registration? 5-6 H-1B Overview: Eligibility, Validity Period and More 7-8 H-1B Requirements H-1B Initial Period of Stay H-1B Renewal H-1B Petition and Filing Fees Thinking about the LCA 8 'Perfecting' the Petition 9 Practice Pointers: Job Description Submitting the Petition Requests for Evidence 10-11 What is a Request for Evidence? Completions with RFE % Approved with RFE % What are RFE rates increasing? Common RFEs Impacts of RFEs Conclusion 11 H-1B Document Checklist 12 Employer Documentation Employee Documentation Glossary 13 Common Immigration Terms 14-15

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