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Ellie Mae Utilizes Envoy’s Core Features and Personalized Approach to Service to Seamlessly Scale Immigration Program

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"You don't always receive this from other platforms or another service provider," said Reed. "I feel like I am the only customer Envoy has because that's the type of care I receive." If you're interested in learning more about how Envoy has helped companies enhance and scale their immigration programs, take a look at our other customer success stories. WWW.ENVOYGLOBAL.COM Reed is also complimentary of the Envoy platform and proprietary technology. One of her favorite features is the Communication Center, where foreign national employees can post their case-specific questions for the GIA legal team and get an answer within the same business day. This added level of transparency gives foreign nationals peace of mind that their voices are being heard. It also enables Reed to see the type of questions that are top-of-mind for Ellie Mae employees, allowing her to be more proactive in anticipating their needs and frequently asked questions. Another favorite feature is Active Cases because it highlights actions Reed needs to complete. She said the Active Cases' action items help her stay organized and on top of everything. Reed is also a fan of Envoy's digital storage system and is moving toward housing all important documents in Envoy's secure platform. Doing so will help retire an old file cabinet while also ensuring security remains a priority. Immigration forms contain a lot of personal information and keeping them secure is a crucial component of any organization's immigration program. "Envoy really keeps you on your toes and organized," said Reed. "I could not have it any easier unless somebody was doing the work for me." Best of all, Reed sees great benefits when tying the white- glove services and platform together. For example, Reed has worked with the Envoy User Experience team to add new visual enhancements that provide even more visibility into an individual's case. "Between the support from my account rep or my attorney, Envoy has been absolutely great!" added Reed. Reed looks forward to the future of the Envoy-Ellie Mae relationship. There will likely be a lot of hiring in her company's future, and she's confident that Envoy will be able to handle their growing immigration and mobility program. "I am excited to partner with Envoy now in a new journey for us as a company," said Reed. Website, technology platform and administrative services provided by Envoy Global Inc., a Delaware corporation. Legal services provided by Envoy-affiliated attorneys. © 2020, Envoy Global Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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