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Ellie Mae Utilizes Envoy’s Core Features and Personalized Approach to Service to Seamlessly Scale Immigration Program

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"We were changing as a company in our hiring and scaling, and the previous law firm could not scale with our growth and what we were telling them we anticipated," said Reed. "It's not only about what they offer me as a global mobility specialist, it's what they offer the people who are going through this process." The Need To Quickly Scale Leads To a Change In Immigration Partners For Ellie Mae A few years ago, Ellie Mae was going through a period of scaling up service and their workforce. Unfortunately, their previous immigration law firm was no longer the right fit as they quickly grew. Ellie Mae needed to find an immigration service provider and team of lawyers who could navigate the needs of a growing workforce. One of the hurdles of switching to a new vendor involves process changes. For Reed, that meant moving on from maintaining a physical file cabinet for immigration-related documents because it can be overwhelming to manage and lacks adequate security. Additionally, internal change was also happening within Ellie Mae's ranks. Reed had recently moved from the recruiting department to overseeing their immigration program, and the transition presented some initial challenges learning the finer details of immigration. Envoy's White-Glove Approach, Communication Center and Personal Touch Sets Them Apart After six months of overseeing Ellie Mae's immigration program, Reed has nothing but praise for Envoy Global and its proprietary technology. The biggest benefit she sees in their partnership is the white- glove approach Envoy takes with its customers. For example, Envoy and Global Immigration Associates (GIA) have helped Reed expand her immigration knowledge through many conversations with her attorneys, educational webinars and other resources. "The pre-recorded classes or discussions that Envoy's platform offers has been a huge asset in teaching me how to do immigration," said Reed. More so, the team at Envoy is constantly checking in with her to see how things are going and if she has any feedback on the platform. Envoy's CEO, Richard Burke, personally checks in with Reed to make sure the program is running smoothly. Amber Reed has a diverse background that did not always include immigration. Earlier in her career, she worked as a university diversity and inclusion recruiter and spent some time doing tele-acquisition. Now a global mobility specialist at Ellie Mae, Amber has been overseeing the company's immigration program for the last six months.

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