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Financial Engines Enhances Employee Experience With Immigration Technology

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Switching to Envoy Was Simple and Efficient The onboarding process helped Vasquez and the rest of her company easily transition from the old process to Envoy. She says the entire process was seamless. "The whole [onboarding process] was very simple," says Vasquez. "Once I got a list of where our current employees were [in the process], I gave it to the Envoy team. Envoy and our dedicated attorney did a great job of doing all the heavy lifting for me." It was that behind-the-scenes work during the onboarding process that helped improve the employee experience after Financial Engines partnered with Envoy. "[Employees] didn't have to do much. The Envoy team helped me create onboarding materials for our employees, which included FAQs, the reasons we decided to switch, how we're going to improve the employee experience, what Envoy's platform can do, and what they were going to see from Envoy versus the old attorney," says Vasquez. Vasquez also appreciates the customer service and response time from Envoy and its affiliated attorneys. She never felt lost during the onboarding process. In fact, she stated that employees have told her how much they love the attorneys because they answer quickly and there is help even when the lead attorney is out of office. "If they're not hearing back from the attorney, they're hearing from her backup if she's out, or they'll hear from someone else on the team," says Vasquez. At the end of the day, Vasquez feels more confident talking with employees about their case status because Envoy's technology simplifies and streamlines the immigration process. Before Envoy, Vasquez never felt secure talking to employees about their cases because there was a lack of updates . But that's all changed since Financial Engines partnered with Envoy. "I actually know where things are, and I feel confident having employees talk directly to [the attorney] or the legal team," says Vasquez. "I feel like I have a team that actually backs me up and does everything they can to create a great employee experience. " FINANCIAL ENGINES CASE STUDY

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