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Financial Engines Enhances Employee Experience With Immigration Technology

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Human Resources Manager Christina Vasquez had some immigration experience prior to joining Financial Engines. Even so, she realized that the company was struggling with the process, particularly when it came to providing her sponsored employees with the best possible experience. Vasquez wanted to find a better immigration solution to reduce the number of employee complaints and provide a more holistic experience overall. Technology Leads to a More Efficient and Transparent Immigration Process Before switching to Envoy, Vasquez typically communicated with an attorney via email, which can easily turn into a lot of back-and-forth. Other times, Vasquez wouldn't be copied on important emails, causing important case details to slip through the cracks. "As you can imagine, months later that came up and came to bite us," explained Vasquez. With Envoy's Communication Center, Vasquez, her employees and their attorneys can all communicate within one central and secure platform. They no longer run into issues like forgetting to copy someone on an email or having trouble finding a certain communication. In fact, employees can ask their questions directly to their Envoy-affiliated attorneys and get a response back in as little as 30 minutes. "I like the Communication Center because I see everything, and I get a copy of it in my email. I'm seeing what's going on with employees, and I can see the replies in case anything comes up that needs my attention," says Vasquez. Vasquez also adds that employees have a much easier time providing the necessary documents for their cases. With Envoy, all documents are stored in one centralized portal and all communications accessed through the Communication Center, so HR teams and employees do not have to search their inboxes for important documents or worry about accidentally deleting something they will need later. FINANCIAL ENGINES CASE STUDY

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